Paroles – Candlelight


Welcome to this new world,
We have known the Eden, and now the fire has recovered the garden
All is beautiful, no one notice this evolution and yet the blue of the oceans goes up in green smoke
But hold out hope, let ourselves go in the black magic of the society, because if we don’t know why, someone will.

Like you I live on this planet
But me, I don’t know why
I search the Answer in the sky.

Look at this man, in the water
This one, easy in his shelter
They won’t join them ever after

Listen to you, inside your trust
Around chaos, kill them they must
But don’t forget, we all are dust

Touch existence, no wasting time
You need an aim, but it’s not mine
Or else, no claim to live, to shine
Like you I live on this planet
But me, I don’t know why I search the answer in the sky

Masters yeah, seem to have a message for us
No collapse, no virus

Test people here, other behind
Too differences that we can’t find
Although we are all same in mind

Masters, yeah, can we have the key to know?
It will be hard to follow

What’s the mission now ?
We’re not born to dream, to lie
What’s the mission now?
We’ve to move to act, to try
Decode the voice inside
Search the thing to hide
Just a secret through the surface
Why is it bad outside?
All people sad beside
It’s the way, the dark side of the face

Check your future in the black stream
It will be destroyed like a moon beam
Never mind, all ends up like him

Heaven, yeah, is it a divine consecration ?
For all the men by billion

Believe in you, it’s your last chance
Don’t distract you, take an advance
From this place where there’s no romance

Heaven, yeah, please give us our final mission
It can’t be a deep fiction

Have you seen the red light in the night ?
When the moon fell in love with the bright
I look around me
And all I see, is blood, death, blood, death
In a world will never be funny

Utopia, throw out glitter on the stone
Utopia, peace, beauty came undone
I could never gaze the sun
Please save my life before the last shot of gun

Perversion, is a new credo of states
Corruption, is a knife in all human chest
Even if a hero came to bring the hope
The dark will stay and all will blow in the deep

The heaven wasn’t for us
Our destiny was written thus
Utopia was an old dream
Which is vanished in the stream

Along multiple ways, the greenery gets drunk me
I gaze at stars, and twilight makes me free
I would like to swim in your eyes
When the shadows mix with butterflies

Night noises give way to madness of the day
Now is calm, and I want to stay
Maybe flowers will tell me how can see
Your face in my world, in a first ecstasy

I would have dream a better universe
Where the trees could love the rivers
But I just need of your energy
To run away with you toward an eclectic harmony

It was a long time that I examine the sky
To wait a sign of mine
Because I don’t want to cry
The world is not enough
To understand easily
That I just love you
Train me in your eclectic harmony

I breath your presence to fight your absence
I have the feeling to disappear in your innocence
More I think, more I realize that
Whereas I hope, your hands will wander in my hair…

Hatred, in your eyes
Shame, in your skin
Shallowness, in your act
Useless, is yourself

It’s not a rainbow fantasy, in my soul honey
Nature had her choice, losing her faith, condemned humanity

Decadence, everywhere
Lust, in their smiles
Betrayal, their fortress
Useless, is themselves

All the world struggles here, just a purgatory
Blackness, illusion, heading for insanity
From Hell
This is the prayer, in the name of a push
But it could be a mirage on the way of truth
From Hell

Iron mask over there, sharing your light
It’s a ill, a demon, spell often tight

Hysteria around you, sign of stigma
Psychedelic terror, anguish, drama

Attraction, in my being
Evil, my protection
Gossip, my lipstick
Useless, is myself

Here the triumph is forbidden, not a law
No dignity, no pride, a sacrifice for blow
From hell
This is the prayer, a call, an ultimate voice
But it could be a mirage, nobody has the choice
From hell

Syrian sun, on the dunes
Ready to die for their faith, they will fight, they will be on the tune
Taking up arms, the cloud of sand is clearing
With their superb armors, all the knights are rushing

Diex li volt, diex li volt
Diex li volt, diex li volt

Under the East omens
Confrontations seal up destiny
Religions remain sirens
A chimera followed, from Jerusalem, for centuries

In front of them, the same madness
No pity for profaners, they’ll refuse to be bloodless
In the name of god, the worst things can burst out
And all convictions will have an only tomb, no doubt

Diex li volt, diex li volt
Diex li volt, diex li volt

Crusades were a western venture
A universal design of pacification
To live in communion, but no one confession
No remission, the beginning of the end
Where god, in the future, won’t recognize his own

Blue, it’s a dream rocked by waves
Grey, a thought misleaded in my head
White, a smile through the mist
Yellow, an eagle wind, a sunshine, a twist

Reveries, every clouds down
When my soul is lost in your mind
I fly, my body is overgrown
By a natural light will never be blind

Ochre, when the dusk covers the stone
Red, blood of the earth springs, gives the tone
Purple, a wind of cold shakes, imagine
Black, it’s too late, the hatred invades my being

My universe of colours whirls
It’s a diabolical circle who trains myself
In the depth of spirits around me become a reverie

I should try to pass away
It’s too early to betray
But I can’t distract me from you
It’s just a shame, don’t you ?

I see, the day is dead
It’s the same old story in my head
But it’s too hard to accept this end
I don’t want to die, take my hand

The sun has disappeared behind the window
The night’s coming along, above all, in a soft flow
The earth’s thrusting into the shadow, the shadow
But why ? It’s too late, I can’t stand, all die, so slow, so slow

Please, come with me
Run away under the moon’s face
All is damage around me
But I think I can follow the trace

I’m afraid by this new world
Breathing is difficult for me
I feel my life going away, sold
I close my eyes in this lethargy

I gaze each second of my existence, twilight
The world is falling through the night, twilight
You caress my cheek full of tears, twilight
I lose you my dear, it’s the end now

A water drop punches the morning dew
After the rain, it’s a new point of view
A deep inspiration, I fulfill myself
In your sweet smile, I breath nevertheless

Together, it can’t be an illusion
I want to believe that won’t be derision
It’s so nice to imagine you in the sea

I paint my dream as will be our reality

Black confusions softened by heat of day
Oxygen, gives back on your own way
I’m glad to cure of my wings painful
I’ve found a new life a crazy pull

I glide under a bubbles’ cloud, oh oh
I walk, happy, all has change in my mood
You can be sure that my love will be yours
In this universe full of beautiful green moors

I paint my dream as will be our reality

Oxygen, gives back on your way
Oxygen, gives back on your way
Oxygen, gives back on your way
Oxygen, gives back on your way

By the despair of the day, goes through the deathblow
It’s cold, so gloomy, we can’t avoid, the time is slow

The wax has fallen, it’s full of sorrows,
The dream is too vain, it’s enough, she knows
Memories in the glint, the eyes dazzle, a tear
Now it’s near, don’t cry my dear

She is frail, she flickers, she’s afraid
Nothing could be saved

The light will cover the dark around
As far as the ends of the earthbound
The circle of life will go on
The pipe dream of the candle won’t break down

Candlelight ever
Candlelight after
Candlelight forever

When the wind blows in the room, he doesn’t stop the bloom
It’s warm, reassuring
She’s holding on, she doesn’t swayed

The gist of her fire, it’s sure, it will resist
In spite of her fear, she won’t be in the mist
Hell can’t have the power, it would be so easy
No place here, it’s not stormy

She is frail, she flickers, she’s afraid
But something will be saved

In the heart if everyman there is a ray of hope
Even if the earth decays, we have to keep the faith
No more wars, no more conflicts
Just a hand reached toward the rest of our humanity
Because we all have a touch of life, we all are a candlelight.